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Sobressalentes PPTuning

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PPTuning – Sobressalentes

All PP Tuning handlebars are produced from hardened aluminium alloy 7075 T651. The manufacture is provided under strict supervision and we put big emphasis on guality of products and requirements of pilots. We have in our offer currently almost 30 different products.

Sport Clip-ons

The most diameters of handlebars we offer in Sport version. The big advantage of this type is that sleeve is made from two pieces (two half of sleeves) and thats why is not necessary dismantling of upper triple clamp (exception are clip-on with diameter 35 mm, which are made from one piece). Clip-ons has grip inclination 10° and we offer them in folowing diameters: 35 | 41 | 43 | 45 | 46 | 48 | 50 | 50.8 | 51 | 52 | 53 | 54 | 55 | 56 | 58 mm.

Raised Clip-ons

Sleeve is made from one piece and there is also mounted adapter for clip ons high +28 mm. We denote this clip-ons like type R and we offer them in following diameters: 41 | 43 | 45 | 48 | 50 | 50.8 | 51 | 52 | 55 mm.

Clip-ons with adjustable grip inclination

The next type which our company offers are handlebars with adjustable grip inclination in range from 6-12°. This type we offer in these diameters: 50 mm and 55 mm.

Clip-ons type V

Extremely lightweight Clip-on type V. Weight of one sleeve is only 95 g (whole Clip-on 530 g). They are milled from one piece of material. There are special milled windows. Grip inclination is 10°. Easy exchange of clipon tube, which is fitted by one screw M8. Clipon tubes are the same such as at other models PP (sport and raised model). Material 7075 – hardened aluminium alloy. Colour variations: hard black anodized or polished aluminum with laser-engraved finish. We currently offer this type with diameter 50 mm only.

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