Metisse – Kits Rebaixamento Yamaha


(Preços com IVA incluído à taxa legal em vigor)


Kits de Rebaixamento Suspensão Traseira.



Metisse – Kits Rebaixamento Yamaha

The company

team Metisse GmbH is a German company who develops and produces Premium Motorcycle Accessories. We also distribute products other well known companies like Gilles Tooling or Puig.
If you are looking for professional parts and service we should be your first choice.

Fast and excellent service is normal for us, worldwide. Profit from our low shipping rates. We’d like to statisfy you, try us. team Metisse is a registered trademark.

Informação adicional

Ano (Fabrico)

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Compatibilidade de marca(s)

Compatibilidade de modelo(s)

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