HP Corse – Ponteira SP3 BMW R1250GS


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HP Corse – Ponteira SP3 BMW R1250GS

HP CORSE and STEELFORM, passion and technology merged to bring the world’s most prestigious Made in Italy.

In Bologna HP Corse, since 1993 is an Italian company able to create excitement and innovation in the field of special discharges for motorcycles. Archieving from always and unique products that are appreciated all over the world.

Steelform in Udine, since 1978 is a world leader in machining and metal deformation, under license and design of HP Corse. Produces all the parts of the various exhaust components, starting from the processing of the raw material. (the tubes used are not commercial but internally profiled) until reaching of the finished product. HP CORSE will remain the pulsating heart, the place where the new models will be born, where ideas and projects will take shape as prototypes and, thanks to STEELFORM, reality.

HYDROFORM exhaust has already added EVOXTREME,  HYDROTRE, 4-TRACK, SPS and SP-3 CARBON and others will be added soon. Complete systems and special collectors. A union between HP CORSE and STEELFORM, which is born in the footsteps of a great success (HYDROFORM), promises to become a model of absolute development in the world of special discharges entirely handmade in Italy.


HP Corse “laboratory” works closely with the best national and international Customizer of SPECIAL. We manufacture in our own workshops prototypes directly on the customer’s motorbike or we supply single terminals of HYDROFORM, EVOXTREME, GP-07, 4-TRACK and more to those who desire to build the exhaust system on their own. We also produce customized curves and flanges. If you desire this particular “Custom Made” service, please contact us at: commerciale@hpcorse.com and thanks to our infinite passion we will provide you all the possible support.

HP Corse – Ponteira SP3 BMW R1250GS

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