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Healtech Electronics – iLOGGER EASY


The iLogger easy is an advanced data logging system for motorcycles and other vehicles.
It offers functionality normally only seen on more expensive systems and is unique in offering a user-friendly app interface for analysis, comparison, and the real-time display of data.

The iLogger records data from multiple sensors and is an invaluable tool for analysing and understanding your performance on the track, moment by moment.


App (Android/iOS)

All configuration of the iLogger is done using the app, via Wifi. The app generates its own Wifi Access point (“iLogger”) for connection to your mobile device.

Data Acquisition

Four Dedicated-Type Input Channels

  1. RPM – Engine speed. Configurable for any RPM/frequency-related signal such as the crankshaft position sensor (“Pickup”), camshaft sensor, coil signal…
  2. VSS – Vehicle Speed. Configurable for any type of speed sensor: 3-wire, 2-wire induction, 2-wire current-sensing.
  3. BAT – Battery voltage
  4. GPS – Satellite position using the included GPS sensor

Five Analogue Inputs

Any of the five inputs may be configured to receive a range of input types such as d.c. voltage, throttle position, gear position, simple switch, pressure/temperature/linear sensor or an ARA sensitivity control switch.

If more inputs are needed, an expansion module is available.

Output Control OUT

There is also an output channel to control an external device such as a LED for a status indication.

Data Analysis

The recorded data is downloaded into the app via WiFi where it can be plotted against time or distance and used as a precise laptimer.
The racetrack is automatically mapped using the high-accuracy GPS sensor. A map view can also show the real track position compared to data values at precise moments.

The app can compare previous sessions and even data from other iLoggers…so no more arguments who was the fastest!

Live Dashboard

The app may be used for real-time display of the data values using your mobile as an additional dashboard. There are several dashboard “Skins” available to suit most tastes such as lap-timer, RPM/gear indication and drag racer. Custom skins are available on request.

ARA Traction Control

A switch (not included) may be used with one of the analogue inputs to adjust the sensitivity of a linked Healtech ARA Traction Control Module. The current sensitivity is shown on the Live Dashboard display.

Real-time values (including front and rear wheel speed, type of ARA intervention, etc.) will be periodically sent to the iLE to be recorded with the other sensor data. This offers even more detail about your riding such as when and why the ARA interventions occur.


The iLogger is a universal device and can work with supply voltages from +8v to +20v.

The apps require a minimum of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or iOS 11.0.

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