Healtech Electronics – FI Cleaner tool


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Healtech Electronics – FI Cleaner tool

Quick and simple to use:
Just connect to the diagnostic connector, turn the ignition key ON and wait a few seconds to see the result on the bicolor status LED.

Cost effective option:
Being motorcycle brand specific, each FIC model is compatible with many bike models/years within a brand.

Save on service bills!
Save on service bills! The FIC Tool is an economical solution for bike owners who carry out their own maintenance.

Save on servicing time!
It is much quicker and more convenient to use the FIC Tool for clearing errors than using an OBD Tool. Faster turnaround and lower costs for workshops.

Built to last
Rugged design, encased in epoxy resin.
Only high-quality SMD components used.
Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping.
Oil and water resistant (IP68).

Light and small
The FIC module is hardly larger than the OEM diagnostic connector it connects to.

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