Filtros de Ar MWR WSBK

With the corporation of KHI, BMW , MVAgusta and Moto GP teams we developed a new style , very exclusive customized air filter what increases the filter surface enormously . The shape of the filter is “adapted” to the airbox to make it as big as possible, one of the reasons why we can’t make the WSBK filter for every bike. We are able to increase the filter surface from 50 – 100%, depending on the type of bike.

More & bigger surface means less restriction, a better protection and the performance increase is in this case enormously.

All WSBK filters are hand cut and hand glewed.

These new style WSBK filters are build with two different kind of foam materials. One part is foam material used for our road bikes; the rest is the foam material for the full race filters. The road material is placed on a conscious place to create the same effect as the splitter plate on our “HE” & “R” filters.

Remapping the ECU or installation of a fuel module is necessary

For the fueling you need to approach the same way as with our “HE” & “R” filters . This means tune each cylinder separate and secondary injectors separate from the main injectors.